byrd & belle iphone sleeve

20 January 2014
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Thank You

I received this little "home" for my iphone a few months ago and it is my favorite alternative to a hardshell case (which, in my opinion, just makes the phone more clunky). I had been searching for a felt case after seeing a co-workers’ sleeve. I found byrd & belle on Etsy, then made my way over to browse their full website. I quickly fell in love with their friendly felt designs for iphones, ipads, and laptops.

the secret handshake

08 October 2013

The Secret Handshake is a website made by designers for designers. I'm not a big fan of the "I'm better than you because I'm older and successful and you're a silly art school kid who knows nothing", but these people are breaking that attitude by providing sound, well-thought advice. The site displays quotes from a variety of artists, designers and technologists directed towards younger creatives trying to break into the industry.

Bubble Tank by Psalt Design

11 September 2013

If you ever felt bad for your fish in your mid-nineties, rectangular, run-o-the-mill fish tank, here's your chance to change a fish's life. Give Sam the Spotted Pimelodus the chance to swim in style with this work of art from Psalt Design. Listed at £295, this conversation piece is made from hand-blown glass and each tank has its own unique form and characteristics. No one fish is quite the same. Neither should its home.


19 june 2013

I originally spotted this post on Design Milk and tucked it away to share. Lighting is an important, make-or-break detail in a variety of spaces – retail, restaurants, studios, bathrooms, design spaces, homes ... the list is endless. The revival of incandescent lighting has taken off, and is very telling of the atmosphere of that space. KIMU Design Studio did a beautiful job crafting a series of light fixtures marrying eastern and industrial influence.


17 june 2013

A designer-friend shared this super-cool floating storage credenza with me today, so I thought I'd share it with you, too. With some IKEA cabinets, doors, hinges and rails, a trip to Lowe's for some lumber, and a handful of fancy tools (like a circular saw), you can build yourself this super modern-sleek-looking storage unit. Get the tutorial and full list of materials on The Brick House.

Circus Stamps by Yellow Owl Workshop

14 june 2013

Yellow Owl Workshop is a studio based in San Francisco, CA that produces playful, fun rubber stamps. My most recent Yellow Owl purchase is the circus set — stocked with a balloon, circus car, ferris wheel, an elephant friend and circus tent to 'top' it off. I'm most attracted to the Yellow Owl stamp sets because of their unique subjects (ie:circus) and the individual stamps' hand-drawn personalities.

Windows of New York

24 May 2013

The Windows of New York project is a collection of beautifully simplistic illustrations by Jose Guizar. On the color-blocked, crisply designed website, Guizar describes the project as "part an ode to architecture and part a self-challenge to never stop looking up."

Watershed Distillery | Columbus, Ohio

27 February 2013

I am a big fan of Watershed Distillery based in Columbus, Ohio. The distillery has crafted a delicious line of spirits with delightful packaging. The bold text on muted colors gives immediate recognition from a distance (say, standing at the bar). But lest they forget the classy details –– a subtle script font and patterned seal. Perfection. Drink up!

music formats of yore

22 February 2013
Music Formats

This is an interactive infographic about the progression of music — from the wax cylinder all the way to the digital ones-and-zeroes we hear through our earbuds today. It's a fun way to learn about and hear samples from the music formats of yore, in all of their glory.

BOXPARK | East London

21 February 2013

East London could be one of my favorite places. It's a little edgy, a little dirty, a little rough around the edges. It's London's badass alter-ego. BOXPARK is something of a pop-up mall, housing a number of shops, artists, bars and food venues – all inside shipping containers.


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